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Kikele offers you the expertise, independence and flexibility to publish, share and sell what you have written with the world. We are passionate about providing a remarkable experience for you to tell your stories, share your knowledge and fulfil your creative potential.

Following unsatisfying traditional publishing experiences of most authors, Kikele.com was founded to establish a simpler, speedy, more effective and profitable route to publishing. This is a core tenet of our mission – giving authors who have hitherto been deprived of platforms they deserve, to showcase their beautiful works, an opportunity to reach the world and be reached by the world.

Kikele intends to produce millions of publications from existing authors in Nigeria and other countries, as well as encourage potential authors who haven’t taken steps towards fulfilling their dreams of becoming authors for fear of the unknown.

We want to inspire young people to become published authors, boosting creativity, strengthening literacy and building self-esteem; after all, no reading without writing and a reading community is a leading community. We intend to build a world of LEADERS! So, join us!

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