Book publishing has evolved, as with most industries and skills.

As an author, at every point of the day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you lay down to sleep, your thoughts revolve around publishing your book ideas run through our heads, we hold onto some of them, and a few we laugh at or share and the very few ideas we put aside.

Writing is a way to express yourself, tell a story, educate, inform, share your mind, a way to make money and a great way to stay on top. Book publishing is the way to make all of these come to life.

Ideas, no matter how little, hard or silly we think it is can turn into something extraordinary. When you get an idea about a topic to write about and publish, write it down immediately, regardless of what it is and where you are. Have you ever read a book that you enjoyed? If the writer did not put his pen to paper, as the first step, and follow through to publish the book, then you would not have had the chance to read that piece you find phenomenal.

Book Publishing: The Easy Way To Go

Book publishing is an exciting way to connect with the world through your imagination, experience or ideas. Think of it as gathering and expanding all of your thoughts to reach your world. When you decide to write and publish your book, think about your readers. What language do they love to read? What theme is their favourite? Will they prefer easy or lengthy words? How many pictures or illustrations would you need? Thorough research to provide insights into what your readers will love is key.

Once you pinpoint what you intend to achieve with your new book, then start with your readers and walk back. It is not enough to write what you love but also what will meet the needs of your readers.

For any writer who aspires to become an author, the steps are easy, especially in today’s world where self-publishing is at your fingertips. You can simply save your work in PDF format, after thorough editing, encrypt it to prevent printing and copying, speak to a few friends and family members about your work, once they send you the amount for the book, then email the PDF file to them so they can read your work. Always ask for feedback so you can be better at what you do: a simple way to kickstart your journey to publishing your book and becoming an author.

Do you have an idea for a book you have not translated from your mind to your hands to your computer/notebook to print or online? Learn to start small and it will grow from there.

Book publishing goes farther than just writing a book. It is one thing to write a book but another for others to benefit from it. I remember reading my friend’s writings and enjoying every single one of them, sadly they are not published. The world never got to experience the amazing feeling I got from them.

Before you can sell any book, you need to write it. Have you given an idea about writing or publishing a book? If yes, then start by writing it down, so that every time you see it, you can run with it. To run with it is to publish it. After writing, thoroughly edit it yourself or get someone to do it for you. Then, publish and share it with your circle.

The next step is to design the book, especially the cover, select the graphics you want on the cover page. Canva is a suitable tool to use for this.

One advantage of online book publishing is that you do not need to spend money on printing several copies. You can get to do it yourself. Promoting the book then lies with you. Make use of your network, especially on social media.

Remember it all starts from your mind to your diary or device, to an actual manuscript. The end goal is to published your book, online or traditionally.

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