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  • Sound Character by David Adegboyega

    Character is a combination of qualities that make up a person, and it could either be good or bad. It is the invisible part of a person that governs conducts. Things we cannot see govern the ones we see. For example, when a light bulb is switched on, we see the light but not the current flowing through the circuits. Knowledge is light. When light comes, it does not beg darkness to disappear. Empowering the youth with knowledge of sound character development will de-emphasize all outbursts of juvenile delinquencies. These sound character traits include godliness, integrity, obedience, humility, patience, responsibility, and love, amongst a lot more. In fact, the underlining qualities to build on are contained in the motto of our beloved country: “UNITY AND FAITH, PEACE AND PROGRESS.” Investing in the development of sound character traits in our youth will put them in a position of advantage to manage freedom and enable them make informed choices leading to a great future. The thoughts expressed in this work will make them know why they should not be involved in cultism, examination malpractice, prostitution or other vices to seemingly “make it” in life.
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