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  • Beyond Salary

    In ‘Beyond Salary”, the Author alters traditional perceptions, particularly among African youths, civil and public servants, most of whom are fixated on the idea of trading their certificate and entire useful years for salaried jobs. This book challenges the reader to look “Beyond Salary”, especially when it makes you forget your aspirations. Salary is temporary, and while they last, enslaves the victim's time, mind, hands and blinds you to the opportunities and freedom in striking out on your own. No thanks to fast-paced, high-tech innovations and other factors as job security is increasingly being threatened, coupled with delayed and inadequate terminal benefits. Beyond Salary is highly recommended to those who wish to be liberated from the slavery of salary to the freedom of initiatives, innovativeness, creativity, inventiveness and boldness that come with working towards fulfilment and self-actualization.
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  • Planning Your Retirement

    Life comes in phases and the only thing constant is change. You will not work for ever; there will come a time in your life when you have to take the back seat, when it happens what will you do? This is a book to help you plan for that eventuality. It tells you how to go about your retirement pension plan, how to put in place a retirement home for yourself and how to take care of yourself health wise. The aim is to aid you have a good plan so that you will retire in comfort and not in regrets. It is full of insightful power packed knowledge on how to go about getting ready for retirement from your first salary as a worker. Planning Your Retirement is a product of intensive research to help you predict your economic viability on the platform of proper planning. It will also help you analyze and reduce the usual phobia associated with retirement to something as simple as ABC
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