Olaotan Fawehinmi

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  • If I Were A Girl, I Would Not…

    A practical guide for every lady to know her man and how she can be at her best to him in order to get the best of him. This book points out 50 mistakes a lady must never make in her relationship. If you are looking for a good man or you are already in a relationship with one, then this is for YOU!!!

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  • The Soldier Within

    ‘The Soldier Within’ exposes internal workings that make for a really exciting life. It uses examples and illustrations that can be easily related to by the primary target of the book, the youth; and by extension the secondary targets being parents/guardians. This book will add you to the class of those who fly with the eagle’s wings, by a deliberate effort, and away from the “earth-bound” chickens who only hope for the best without working out what is best.

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