If I Were A Girl, I Would Not…


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A practical guide for every lady to know her man and how she can be at her best to him in order to get the best of him. This book points out 50 mistakes a lady must never make in her relationship. If you are looking for a good man or you are already in a relationship with one, then this is for YOU!!!


A happy love-life happens, but only to those who work well at what they know about it. Knowledge is like a KEY, found only when sought. And it doesn’t serve its purpose just by holding it in your hand. It does when you walk up to a door and use it. This book gives a practical paradigm about the potholes on our journey through relationships and marriages; knowing the WHAT and the WHY, understanding the HOW, and leaving you with the choice of WHERE and WHEN. As over 60% of the challenges we face are directly or indirectly connected to our relationships with people around us, the author seeks to reach his readers and get the best out of his readers through this book. So when we all get our relationships right, we sign-up for a better life. Relationships can be heaven on earth. It is POSSIBLE. We can make it happen.


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